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It is the preferred communication mode of most professionals

emailing advantage studio

Legal requirements
Our team is trained in the best practices of email and newsletter marketing – unsubscribe, opt-in, transmitter identification – we ensure that your campaigns comply with the regulations in force. Don’t hesitate to call us, we can ensure your compliance.

Content quality boosts performance
Your customers are constantly bombarded with messages. To get and hold their attention you need content that is intriguing, passionate and dazzling! In addition to performing all the necessary research, our writers interview your experts and develop content that attracts attention and stimulates interest.

Strategy, analysis and adjustments: 3 keys to success
Anyone can send emails, but not everyone achieves successful results. We can help you develop an intelligent strategy that combines list segmentation, targeted content and monitoring. Over the course of your campaigns, the results are tracked in order to expand the reach and increase your return on investment.

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Use our drag & drop designer to create emails that look beautiful on any device.

Example Newsletter
Russian Version

Example Newsletter
English Version

Example Newsletter
French Version

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Our website services including design, optimization and content creation open the door to a world of digital marketing possibilities.

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